Your Scrap Matters, Inc.

Why Your Scrap Matters?

There is a global demand for recycled commodities, and Yours Scrap Matters, Inc. plays an important role in the international trade of recycled materials by supplying the world’s mills and factories with scrap metal which in turn diverts 150 million tons from ending up in landfills.

Not only is steel 100% recyclable, but recycling protects our environment while providing green jobs for Americans.

Ferrous metals are composed of iron and have magnetic properties. Steel, an iron alloy containing carbon, is by far the most-recycled material in the world. 

The most commonly recycled items are scrap from automobiles, steel structures, household appliances, railroad tracks, ships, farm equipment, industrial and manufacturing sources.

Products that consist of recycled steel include: construction material, appliances, cans and containers, vehicles, office supplies and hardware.


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